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2 years ago
Alvin Terence Ⓜ️ on Instagram: “Not your usual kind of magic trick! Tried hypnotizing a dog! See...

Not your usual kind of magic trick! Tried hypnotizing a dog!

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“Not your usual kind of magic trick! Tried hypnotizing a dog! See the results by clicking the video link in bio! #hypnosis #magic #trick #funny #comedy…”



ATOM’s Services
ATOM has taken pride in our strong service mindset and culture, we have collectively received numerous significant awards and recognition over the past years.
Whether if it’s an premium performance, ATOM’s Signature Coaching Sessions (Workshops, Talks or Courses) or Creative Consultation, you can expect the BEST experience for yourself and your guest. ATOM can creativity pitch your product at your next corporate event, be a guest speaker at your convention or blow the minds of clients at your next VIP function.
To many, ATOM is the TRUSTED BRAND in Magic-Related Service. ATOM combines traditional magic, psychological techniques, impromptu comedy and most importantly experience to ensure everyone has fun and remember your event for years to come.
About ATOM
Like a magician but sleeker.
ATOM is a team of internationally performing artistes from Asia that is based in Singapore.
ATOM is the World’s FIRST and ONLY Team of Psychological Illusionists. Blending the best of Traditional Magic/Illusion with Psychological Techniques, your audiences will be expected to be entertained with witty-humour and mesmerized Illusions by ATOM. Known for its high entertainment value and audience interaction; Craig Browning (semi-retired Mentalist in USA) mentions, “…Mentalism is so powerful; we (Mentalists) can create what the laity perceives as being the miraculous… magic within the minds”. Armed with the best talents around, ATOM has captivated the local biggest names ranging from Politicians, Celebrities and highly reputable Fortune 500 Corporate Clients.
To many, ATOM is the most TRUSTED brand in Magic Entertainment and Entertainment Services.
Psychological Illusions
Psychological Illusion (or better known as Mentalism) is the applied science of the mind to everyday situations. Psychological Illusion is more than just a branch of psychology, it is a concept that trascends disciplines. An American Professional Magician believes that “Mentalism is the GROWN UP FORM OF MAGIC”. Which explains why not many magician dwell in that art.
According to Wikipedia, Psychological Illusion is a performing art in which its practitioners, known as mentalists (or Psychological Illusionists), appear to demonstrate highly developed mental or intuitive abilities. Performances may appear to include telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, psychokinesis, mind control, memory feats and Rapid mathematics.
In Singapore, ATOM was the PIONEER professionals ever known recorded in the industry to promote themselves as Mentalists and Psychological Illusionists. ATOM services (Conjuring, Coaching and Consultation) involves magical psychological demonstrations, highly interactive audience participation and sharp humour. Visual elements are also included for the visual receptive audiences. The energetic result will vary from engagements based on the energy level of the crowd. For more information, feel free to drop us an email: [email protected]
Awards & Recognitions
Here are some of the Awards/Recognitions that ATOMites have received during our involvements with the group.
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Champion of Singapore’s Largest Street Magic Competition @ Singapore Flyer, (2009)
Audience Choice [semi-finals] of Singapore’s Largest Street Magic Competition @ Singapore Flyer, (2009)
Finalist of Legerdemain Magic Competition, (2010)
Guest Magic Judge of Entertainment Paradize’s Magic Competition, (2010)
Guest Magic Judge of Republic Polytechnic’s Magic Competition, (2010)
Support Partners of Fantabulous Magic Challenge, (2011)
Sponsors of CozyCot’s International Women’s Day 2011, (2011)
Featured Artiste for CozyCot’s Beauty & Fashion Awards 2011, (2011)
Champion of Magic Hat Roaming Magic Competition, (2013)
And many more!
Alvin Terrence
“How did you do that!” was what Singapore Celebrity JAMIE TEO said to Alvin Terence during a magic filming segment by SinemaTV in 2011.
Psychological Illusionist/Model/Trainer, Alvin Terence, is one of the most sought-after personalities in Singapore. Mentored by renowned entertainment coaches like actress Rosalind Pho, fashion director Nixem Runway and imagine expert Audrey Quek — making him the best for your events.
Alvin Terence have performed for Members Of Parliament, Celebrities, Bank Events, Clubs, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Luxurious Brands, National Events (Youth Olympic Games 2010) and MORE! Alvin Terence has done it all.
Multi-award winning, Alvin Terence, blends psychology together with magic to demonstrate an ENTERTAINING and INTERACTIVE performances that will ASTONISH, awe, entertain, motivate and humour you.
Be prepared to witness and experience an exclusive performance of Psychological Illusions by Alvin Terence TODAY!
Ethnicity: Portugese Chinese
UAN Model
Active Magician Award of Intentional Brotherhood of Magicians (2009/2010)
Singapore’s Top 10 Street Magic Magician (2009)
Received Grooming Coaching from Nixem (Runway Director) and Audrey Quek (Ms. Singapore 1999)
Received Acting Coaching from Rosalind Pho (Actress)
National awards in creativity/innovation-related competitions
Ultima Wong
The Art of Magic” is what Ultima would refer magic to. Always discerning the value of entertainment and amazement as an important factor of his performance, his philosophy in magic has impacted his performing friends around him.
Ultima has been interested in magic since he was a young primary school boy. Inspired by a street performer in the early days, his interests in magic took full charge when he was doing his undergraduate studies in the National University of Singapore in 2004. Aside from his academic pursuits, Ultima is also a retired semi-professional cyberathlete, musician, singer / songwriter and lover of video editing and motion graphics animations. He has also spearheaded the Street-magic scene in Singapore through the founding of a local Street Magic Club: “SMTG – Street Magic the Gathering”. This is an exclusive club where talented magicians get together to randomly perform for strangers on the streets of Singapore. This serve as an excellent platform to further hone their skills in real world situations.
Ultima has been performing Street Magic regularly since 2004 and has constantly been giving advice and ideas to his performing magician friends on a regular basis. Other than constantly performing for strangers on the streets, he also performs at national events such as the Chingay Festival and has consulted, mentored, and raised upcoming underground magicians in Singapore.
Always treating magic with the utmost respect, Ultima refuses to call a magic trick a “trick” and always refers to them as an “effect.” His philosophy on “The Art of Magic” is also evident in his performing style – leading people to address him as an “Illusionist.” From cards that magically morph, mysterious revelations on his body, floating objects and stopping his heart…. His performance always leaves strong and lasting impressions on his audience members.
Ultima recounts a spectator in a bar who saw him performing magic at a pub called “Networmz” at Selegie Road. 3 years later, he bumps into Ultima and the man asked, “Do you remember what you did at Networmz?”
Puzzled Ultima replied, “hmm, I only remembered ordering food and singing!”
“You used your shadow to pull someone’s signed card off the middle of the deck. I was staring right at the deck. There was nothing at all. I couldn’t believe it and just dropped my jaw. That’s what you did Ultima.”
Ethnicity: Chinese
Wihelmina Model
Founder of SMTG (Street Magic The Gathering)
MPhys (Hons)
Singer / Songwriter
M.D of Cybergaming Org. XTC
Nexus Neo
The newest underground magician/mentalist of ATOM-A budding and promising performer honed to razor refinement under the dedicated personal tutelage of Master Alvin Terence. A Practitioner of the Art and professional in the education service, Nexus Neo works his charm on children and teenagers by delivering smashing magical routines to spice up lessons. “Hey! how did that happen!??” is a common statement of awe in his classroom. With a natural aptitude to amuse, entertain and connect with people of all ages, Nexus Neo has earned his reputation as an educator with the ability to inspire.
Nexus Neo craves nothing more than to brighten his audience’s day. “My audience/students must go home with one notion in their heart- The World Is Full Of Wonders.”-NN
Ethnicity: Chinese
Trainer (Public Speech, IT, Memory Power for kids and teenagers)
Fire Eating/Dancing
Ninja Peh
A natural and charming performer known for his close-up magic (think David Blaine’s magic), and with tons of experience performing for major clients (Kimberly-Clark, etc). There’s no reason why “Ninja” is banned in Casinos. But of course, being one of the top professional gamers in Singapore, having competed in WCG (World Cyber Games) has given him the advantage of fast fingers to swift through the cards and magical sleights that even the close-up cameras can’t detect.
“Ninja” loves to brighten up people’s day with his skill in magic. People’s smile and joy are known to be Ninja’s priceless reward.
“Ninja” is well known for his creativity, humour, close-up magic and for his skill in cards and magical sleights. So hand him a deck and get ready to be entertain!
Ethnicity: Chinese
Specializes in Magic Performances for Kids
Expert Gambling Sleight of Hand artist/demonstrator
Magic is a mysterious art. Similarly to the art, this Underground Mentalist remains under the radar Singapore Magician Mentalist among magicians.
With an opposite personality, this Underground Mentalist/Magician is warm, jovial, humourous and interacts extremely well among kids and dialect speaking audience.
His mixture of traditional magic with mental magic is guaranteed to astonish your guests at your event!
Magic Charm
Hi! I am Magic Charm, that is my magic alter ego name. I am a quirky and humourous girl next door but when it is time for my magic wand to shine, I turn into Magic Charm, a charismatic and hilariously cheeky performer.
In a male dominating industry, females have commonly taken on the role as the “magician’s assistant”. I on the other hand have decided to be different and taken the position of centre stage by being the magician itself.
I have been told that magic misdirection is not needed as I am gifted with my good looks, I honestly do not think so. Which is why, I thrive to be the best with long hours of practice and brainstorming with award-winning magicians so that I can be my very best for your events!
Looking forward to amaze you!
Expect Mind Blowing and Heart Stopping magic tricks with a touch of double x chromosome cheekiness today!
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ATOM has taken pride in our strong service mindset and culture, we have collectively received numerous significant awards and recognition over the past years.