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2 weeks ago

Can you guess what they are smiling at?

Find out more about our school program entertainment today!

4 weeks ago

Who says parties are only for kids! Our adults enjoys partying too! Happy girl with happy hand painting. 🌈🦄

2 months ago
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Looking for an activity that works well for all ages?

Caricature works well for all ages, especially for 1st year celebrations! It makes for the perfect keepsake at any occasion.

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3 months ago
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Thanks for having us again this year! Jellybean Party have been the exclusive provider for balloon sculpting and magic workshops for Raffles Institution since 2008.

We come back every year because ... See more

4 months ago

Don't let your son see this! 😂

This thing is sure to be on every kid's wishlist.

5 months ago

Look what we saw today! Available only in London!



We are Jellybean Party – a Singapore-based party entertainment provider that specialises in providing quality entertainment for children’s parties. All our entertainers are professional, experienced, committed, and fun-loving individuals who want the best for you, your child, and your party. We love to see the smile on your face, and especially, those on the faces of the children – but that isn’t enough for us. We want to see them thoroughly enjoying themselves – laughing, shouting, clapping and cheering.
Every opportunity that is given to us is taken very seriously – and we commit ourselves to leaving a lasting and memorable impression on young minds. Our entertainment is designed not only to be absolutely funny and exciting for the children, but also to provide positive encouragement where children are free to be boistrous, quiet, or anywhere in between.
Being a parent is getting much tougher each year, with ever increasing expectations for bigger and better parties. Where the children are meant to enjoy themselves, often, organising a party is an especially stressful time for parents. We understand these concerns, and we aim to make your day as stress-free as possible, and for you to be able to relax and enjoy the entertainment as well.
There is a simple solution: only hire professional entertainers for the job. Why risk your party which you have put in so much time, effort and money planning? True, being professionals in a locally-registered business, we command a rate which reflects our quality and commitment – but with that also comes ease of mind. This is because our job begins even before the party – we send out confirmation emails, and give you a courtesy call before the party to reassure you that everything is going according to plan.
Unlike some of our competitors, we are also specialists in children’s entertainment, and one of the busiest! Over the years, having organised countless children parties, we have gained a solid reputation as experienced children entertainment experts – which is often copied but little matched by others. The number of parents who come back to us year after year bears strong testament to this! And because we are continually growing, we are able to continue to offer our quality services at very affordable and accessible rates for you.
We firmly believe that a child is only his/her age once, and the most has to be made of it. As such, we are fully committed to partnering you in ensuring that your party runs as best as it can – and for the party to be one that you, your child and your guests will be fond and proud of for many years to come.
Why Magic Show?
Children Magic shows are always a hit with the kids! Our highly interactive kids magic shows are specially designed to entertain children to keep them engaged, amazed and laughing throughout. All our kids magicians are professionals with years of experience. Our kids magic show is suitable for all and enjoyed by even the adults! You can leave it to our magician to put a huge smile on everybody’s faces.
We often make improvisations to our show accordingly to cater to different age groups and tastes. For a birthday magic show, the birthday child will become the “star” of the show – a memorable and unforgettable experience!
-High on audience participation!
– Birthday child will get to do magic!
– Free Hosting of Cake Cutting Ceremony!
– Recommended for children ages 5 and above.
– Approximately 30 mins show time
– Price: $300/30 minutes, Commercial Engagement: $450/30 minutes
Interactive Games (with Prizes)
It’s party time! What’s a party without the games! Our highly participative interactive games are here to liven up the mood, hype up the atmosphere, energise your guests and make your party a huge success! Games session are always a great warm up session to get everyone in the mood for a party.
Our experienced games masters provide the best suitable games for the age group and number of children, and aim to be as inclusive as possible so that all children, even the older ones, will be able to join in and have a great time. Prizes are provided too! We try our best to make sure that everyone gets a bit of something so everyone is a winner. (:
– High on audience participation!
– Prizes Provided!
– Birthday child will get to participate!
– Recommended for children aged 4 and up.
– Approximately 30 mins segment
– Between 3 to 5 different games played
Singapore Mascot Program
Mascot Program
Watch your favorite character come to live today!
Want to give your child a special treat? Have their favorite characters arrive at your door and meet your guests with high fives, special greetings and a mingling session with everyone!
How is your Mascot Program different?
Unlike many mascot programs in the market, we offer a comprehensive program that’s perfect for a group of children. Two of our entertainers will be assigned for this program, one to dress up as the mascot, and another as an assistant. Other than just mingling with your guests, we do a sing and dance session with the children to get them warmed up. We also play some simple games to involve everyone and give away candies to make sure nobody goes home empty handed. We will even host the cake cutting ceremony together with your birthday child!
– High on Audience Participation!
– Music provided during showtime!
– Candies provided as complimentary giveaways!
– Free hosting of cake cutting ceremony!
– Includes a short sing and dance segment
– Includes a 10 minutes games segment
– Approximately 30 mins session
– Recommended for children age 5 and below
– Suitable for mixed age group
– Price: $300 NETT
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Singapore Balloon Sculpting Services
Balloon Sculpting
Lets add some colors to your party!
If you are looking for a balloon artist or balloon sculptor to keep your little ones engaged, look no further! Many of our artists at Jellybean Party specializes in balloon sculpting and often get raved reviews from adults and children alike!
We also offer our balloon sculpting services for corporate events, family day, private functions, weddings, advertising, music videos and workshops too!
Why Balloon Sculpting?
Balloon Sculpting remains one of the most popular fringe activities to have at any party. Watch your guests be entertained by our skilled balloonists, making balloons come alive through creative twists, transforming any party atmosphere to an exciting and engaging one. Just like how we enjoy seeing artists at work, balloon sculpting is an art that amazes even adults.
Above everything else, the balloons make for great photo opportunities, helping your little ones create and keep beautiful memories.
Why Us?
Hire Balloon Twisters That Know Entertainment!
It’s one thing to make artful creations, and another to entertain. All our balloon artists are not just experts in balloon twisting, but experienced entertainers to guarantee your satisfaction and to bring smiles to your guests.
We care about providing quality service to ensure that you and your guests have an enjoyable and unforgettable (or unique) experience. All our balloonists have maintained excellent track records with our clients and meet our high quality standards. Most importantly, our crew are passionate about what we do, and enjoy attending to your guests with a smile.
P.S. We also offer balloon twisting workshops for you to learn the fine art of professional balloon modeling! Contact us for more information!
Singapore Face Painting Services
Be whoever you want with Face Painting!
We work with professional face painting artists who are often also art teachers. They are not only an expert in their field, but reliable artists who paints with a smile 🙂
What’s Face Painting?
Our face painters love to draw! Have their skillful work of art on your arm, on the face or anywhere you can think of!
Children at parties just love to be transformed into their favorite cartoon characters, animals or even superheroes! We have designs for both boys and girls. Some of the more popular choices are butterflies, dolphins and superheroes such as spider man, batman, or even ironman!
For the enjoyment of all, we adhere strictly to the highest standards of health and hygiene – and use only high-quality cosmetic-grade paints.
– Choose your favorite from a variety of designs!
– Only high-quality cosmetic-grade paints used
– Recommended duration: Approximately 1hr
– Price: $150/hour, Subsequent hours: $100/hr
Singapore Caricature Services
Caricature artist
A Memorable Experience for all ages
Capture your special day on paper with humour and creativity with our Caricature Artists! – providing amazingly amusing memories perfect for your guests to take home.
All our artists have almost a decade worth of caricature experience and are also great with the little ones!
Our professional caricaturist will be a unique addition to your party. Your guests will get to bring home a quality caricature of themselves – ensuring that your party will be truly memorable and unforgettable!
Why Caricature?
We understand that every party is different, and it is not uncommon to have adults feeling left out without entertainment that are appropriate for older guests. Caricature not only works well for 6 year olds, 16 year olds, it’s even more meaningful for a 60 year old.
Unlike more common activities such as face painting or tattoos, caricature makes for a unique keepsake that lasts for a life time.
Good for all ages
Unique keepsake
Entertaining to watch
Price: $180/hour, Subsequent hours: $150/hour
Henna Artist
Henna Artist
We offer the latest trend setting Henna styles and patterns,Hair,Make up,and Sari Draping to consistently provide you varieties. Aerobics,Traditional designs, Color designs, Glitter henna designs, Wedding theme designs with (pictures of Ganesha, Hastmelap, Tabla, shehani, kalash, ohm symoles, sathia symboles, Bride, Groom, Havan, Phera
Glitter Tattoo
Glitter Tattoo
Add some sparkle to your event! Perfect for children parties! These tattoos are temporary and come in a variety of glitter colors to choose from as well as a wide range of designs! Applied in minutes and are instantly waterproof! Your kids can jump in the pool, play on the slip n slide, and even take a bath (if you can get them to do that!) Come on, you know your kids love those temporary tattoos! They can easily be removed with a little bit of rubbing and have they’ll be ready for school the next day!
– Only high quality cosmetic-grade glue & glitters are used.
– Children get to choose from a wide variety of designs a range of colors!
– Recommended duration: Approximately 1hr
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Singapore Airbrush Tattoo Services
Airbrush Tattoo
Stay Cool with Realistic Tattoos!
Airbrush Inking or Airbrush tattoos are definitely a ‘BIG’ hit with older children and even with adults. Temporary Airbrush Tattoos are a fun and safe way to entertain your guests. Children from the age of 2 years old, teenagers and adults can enjoy the excitement of wearing our custom body art, your guests will love the fun party that you planned for them and you will love the fact that you found an easy and unique way to make your event truly memorable.
What’s Air Brush Tattoo?
Airbrush Tattoo’s are a form of Body Art. Using 100% Safe 100% Non Toxic Special Body Inks,a drawing is applied to the surface of the skin. The application of the Ink is sprayed onto the skin via an airbrush and a Finishing powder is applied. There… Your all done – good to go!
Our Tattoo inks are Cosmetic Grade using only FDA / EU Approved Standard Ingredients which means that they are certified as safe for use on your skin.
– Choose your favorite from a variety of stencils designs!
– Recommended duration: Approximately 1hr
– Price: $180/hour, Subsequent hours: $120/hour
Singapore Shadow Cutting Services
Shadow Cutting
A one-of-a-kind keepsake at your celebration
Shadow cutting, also known as Silhouette Cutting, is a craft-work where using just scissors and paper alone, the artist cuts out the subject’s portrait in profile within a few minutes resulting in a most charming, detailed and highly accurate likeness.
Hand-cut silhouette portraits will give your guests a unique and personal way to remember you and your celebration.
There are only two professional shadow cutters locally, so contact us today to avoid disappointment!
Popcorn Station

Enjoyed by both young and old, popcorns are always a great give away at any party celebration. We will set up our popcorn machine right where you want it! Our staff will also be there to maintain the machine and give away free flow of sweet delight. Hassle free!
Candy Floss Station
Candy Floss Station
Cotton candy stations aren’t just for carnivals anymore. You’ll see children drooling over them in malls, toy stores, grocery stores and so on. It is food and science at work! Call us today to have us cater candy floss at your event or party. Manpower included! Hassle Free! (:
Singapore Balloon Decorations
Balloon Banquet
Add Colors and Good Fun to your party today!
Balloon decorations are perfect for brightening up an otherwise dull room. It sets the mood for every kids party! We offer a diverse selection of Balloon Decoration so you can choose just the right display for your event.
Our balloon decorations are available all across Singapore and are ideal for birthday parties, corporate events, weddings school celebrations and anywhere that extra touch is required. Afterall, what says “celebration” better than balloons?
Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Occasionally, someone will know exactly what they want before contacting us, but more often than not all they know is that they want balloons!
This is why we designed Balloon Decoration Packages to make it easy for our clients to shop by value and budget. And if nothing suits your fancy, feel free to take a look at our ala carte selections!
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Basic Balloon Decoration Package
Party Tips & Advice:
Our Basic Balloon Decorations include 50 helium balloons hanging in the ceiling which makes for a great display that your little guests can reach out for it too! The additional 8 balloon clusters can be placed all around the corners of the room and a pair by the cake cutting table. You can also place the clusters around the path leading up to your venue. This basic package is suitable for most function rooms with ceiling height up to 3 metres tall.
– 8 x Balloon Trees (6 Helium balloons each)
– 50 x Helium Balloons
– Price: $220 Nett (Inclusive of Delivery Charges)
Standard Balloon Decoration Package
Party Tips & Advice:
This is our most popular package that provides a more complete decor for your party venue. It includes a string of pearl arch that can be placed at the entrance to welcome your guests. You may also place it behind the cake cutting table together with a pair of balloon clusters at each side. This package also includes 50 helium balloons where children are free to have fun with!
– 50 x Helium Balloons
– 2 x Balloon Cluster
– 1 x String of Pearl Arch
– Price: $300 Nett (Inclusive of Delivery Charges)
Premium Balloon Decoration Package
Party Tips & Advice:
Make everyone look like a star with our Premium Balloon Decorations! Balloon Columns combined with a string of pearl arch always make for a nice backdrop for photo opportunities. This package also comes with 50 helium balloons for the little ones to run around with.
– 50 Helium Balloons
– 1 x String of Pearl Arch
– 2 x Balloon Column (w/ star foil)
– Price: $380 Nett (Inclusive of Delivery Charges)
We often recommend a couple more add on activities that can brighten up your party. Pinata sessions are extremely popular with the children. It can be a great game that involves everyone. It’s also a great photo opportunity when everyone runs after the candy once the pinata breaks apart! We do offer our pinata sessions (with hosting) for any party packages.
Singapore Bouncy Castle Rental
Are you looking to keep your children occupied for hours?
Are your children too young for a magic show? Are you Looking for an entertainment that can cater to both the younger children and the bigger kids?
Bouncy castles are a great additional to any celebration. It’s a fun and safe activity that keeps your children entertained for hours within a play area. Children get a chance to interact with one another, have fun, all while working out!
Baby Size Inflatables
These castles are ideally for children aged 2 – 5 years old, for parties with less than 10 children. They are the smallest inflatables we offer which should fit in most indoor areas.
Balloon Bouncer
Balloon Bouncer
Price: $200 NETT /3hours rental
(Inclusive of Set Up & 2 Way Delivery)
– Inflated size:
2.80m(L) x 2.10m(W) x 1.85m(H)
– Max. Weight limit: 90kg
– Suitable for Ages 2 to 5
– Take up to 3 children at one time
Airplane Bouncer
Airplane Bouncer
Price: $280 NETT /3hours rental
(Inclusive of Set Up & 2 Way Delivery)
– Inflated size:
3.00m(L) x 2.30m(W) x 2.30m(H)
– Max. Weight limit: 100kg
– Suitable for Ages 2 to 5
– 50 Colour Balls included
– Take up to 4 children at one time
Medium Size Inflatables
These castles are ideally for children aged 2 – 8 years old, for parties with less than 20 children. They are medium size nflatables we offer which would fit larger indoor areas.
Playground Bouncer
Playground Bouncer
Price: $290 NETT /3hours rental
(Inclusive of Set Up & 2 Way Delivery)
– Inflated size:
3.0m(L) x 3.6m(W) x 2.65m(H)
– Max. Weight limit: 140 kg
– Suitable for Ages 2 to 8
– 100 Colour Balls included
– Take up to 4 children at one time
Princess Bouncer
Princess Bouncer
Price: $320 NETT /3hours rental
(Inclusive of Set Up & 2 Way Delivery)
– Inflated size:
3.65m (L) x 2.65m (W) x 2.10m(H)
– Max. Weight limit: 110kg
– Suitable for Ages 3 to 8 years
– Take up to 6 children at one time
Large Size Inflatables
These castles are ideally for children aged 24 – 10 years old, for parties with 20 – 30 children. They are larger size inflatables we offer which would still fit larger indoor areas.
Choo Train Bouncer
Choo Train Bouncer
Price: $350 NETT /3hours rental
(Inclusive of Set Up & 2 Way Delivery)
– Inflated size:
4.90m(L) x 2.15m(W) x 2.30m(H)
– Max. Weight limit: 130 kg
– Suitable for Ages 4 to 8
– Take up to 6 children at one time
Obstacle Bouncer
Obstacle Bouncer
Price: $390 NETT /3hours rental
(Inclusive of Set Up & 2 Way Delivery)
– Inflated size:
6.0m (L) x 2.15m(W) x 2.85m(H)
– Max. Weight limit: 180 kg
– Suitable for Ages 4 to 10
– 50 Colour Ball included
– Take up to 6 children at one time
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JellyBean Photography
JellyBean Photography
As professional kids party planners, we work with countless of studios and photographers. Through the years, we found the best people for the job.
We bring out the smiles, we create the moments of magic, and they are the ones who make those precious memories last a lifetime for you and your family.
Our partnership makes it easy for you to engage reliable and professional photography services at exclusive rates and with a peace of mind.
If you’re planning to capture those fun-filled memories at your kids birthday party perfectly, you are at the right place.
All Inclusive
$280 / 2 hours
(Usual Price: $450 / 2 hours)
Subsequent hour: $120
2 hours engagement
150 – 200 edited high resolution photographs
Photo Montage Compilation
For Edits & Touch Up
14 – 21 days from day of engagement.

Are you planning a variety of services at your party? Will you need someone to host everything for you? An emcee helps to warm up your guests and keep all the programs running. Our emcees are both eloquent and entertaining to watch. If you’re planning for a successful birthday event, ask us more!
Tables and Chairs Rental
Kids Party Table & Stool Rental
Inspired by the creative shapes in cartoons, the table and stools we offer are with rounded corners which means they’re safe and perfect for your little guests!
Table Dimension: Length: 77 cm, Width: 55 cm, Height: 48 cm
Stool Dimension: Width: 35 cm, Diameter: 30 cm, Height: 30 cm
Price: $32 / set of 1 table + 4 x stools
Free Delivery above $80
Exclusive Organic Cotton Candy Cart Services
Exclusive Organic Cotton Candy Cart
Angel Floss is a bespoke cotton candy cart service for events and parties. Our cotton candy is hand-crafted using organic cane sugar and all-natural flavours. Bring a touch of whimsical fun to any occasion – be it a birthday bash, baby shower or wedding celebration.
Angel Floss heaven-sent cotton candy is created from organic cane sugar and all-natural flavours and colours. Our unique range of flavours puts a truly modern spin on classic cotton candy. We offer 13 different flavors and if there is a flavour you love but don’t see below, just let us know and we will do our best to create it for you. Fun toppings such as glitter, sprinkles, paper umbrellas, edible flowers or sugar feathers can also be added.
Note: Some of our toppings are not organic, halal or vegan. Do let us know if you have concerns.
Available flavors include:
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