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6 months ago
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Final #WonderShow last night at Amado’s. Epic wrap to a super fun show.



Kevin Blake
About Kevin
San Francisco, Bay Area Magician Extraordinaire
Kevin Blake can read your pulse and tell if you’re lying, see into your imagination, and maybe even predict the future. He’s a modern day showman like no other, combining centuries-old conjuring, dumbfounding illusions of his own creation, and a storyline filled with surprise and joy to a modern, intellectual, skeptical audience.
Kevin Blake Secrets
Kevin Blake is an illusionist, magician and mentalist known for his public shows in San Francisco as well as hilarious and fun magical entertainment at corporate and private events in San Francisco and the Bay Area, as well as around the globe. Close-up and on stage, Kevin demonstrates world-class magic and mysteries of the mind, from impossible sleight of hand to fascinating tricks of psychology.
Kevin has over a decade of experience that includes lecturing at Google, opening for Third Eye Blind at the historic San Francisco music venue The Fillmore, and even working as a backstage magician for international magic supergroup Band of Magicians.
Kevin lives in San Francisco, CA.
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Kevin Blake close up
Elegant, close-up magic and mindreading is great for cocktail hours, receptions, and high-class events where guests will be mingling. It sparks conversations, breaks the ice, and makes events that much more memorable. Invite Kevin to entertain your guests with strolling magic at your high-class event, bringing them into an intimately charming and whimsical world. Kevin’s magic—and good nature—will leave your guests laughing in amazement. Kevin Will:
Guess your phone’s passcode
‘See’ into memories and reveal thoughts
Play astonishing games of influence and choice
Demonstrate world-class sleight of hand
Much more
Kevin Blake On Stage
On Stage
This option is great for corporate and private events where people will be seated. Before or after dinner entertainment at a gala, conference, or reception, Kevin provides engaging demonstrations of mindreading and magic that involves everyone. Charismatic, humble, and brilliantly engaging, Kevin’s signature humor and curious manners of stage deception have made him one of the most popular and sought after entertainers in the Bay Area. On stage, he will:
Group experiments in ‘mind control’
Play games of choice with the audience at large
Share a few secrets of magic
Tailor the performance for your event’s message
Leave everyone wanting more!

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