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1 month ago
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Performing strolling magic for an elementary school. Kids reacting to the magic.



Book master illusionist, magicIAN located in Orange County and touring the country for a show that will get a standing ovation. MagicIAN is an illusionist and magician who performs nationwide and is currently touring Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, and parts of the Bay Area in Northern California so book him while you can.
Amazing Magic Shows
From live doves magically appearing to levitating people in the air, magicIAN’s amazing magic shows appeal to people of any age. For your wedding, corporate event, upscale birthday, or school event he performs strolling magic and an award winning vegas style magic show that will make your event a great success. magicIAN makes live animals appear, performs fire magic, audience comedy interaction, and in the finale he levitates in the air and magically changes doves into a snake with pyrotechnics! magicIAN’s show also has a patriotic feel that has received rave reviews over all types of cultures around the world!
Sharing Magic with You
Since seeing the professional magician and illusionist, Lance Burton, perform in Las Vegas, magicIAN became inspired to learn magic himself. He is a native Los Angeles magician who began performing professionally very young. For more than 10 years, magicIAN has been performing magic shows at upscale birthdays, corporate, wedding, and school events in Los Angeles, Disneyland® Resort, Louis Vuitton, Home Depot, The Magic Castle, , and his magic has been featured in the award winning film Make Believe.
magicIAN has a show for adult and kids birthday parties. In the show the birthday person is made to feel special. The audience gets to experience the magic first hand as magicIAN takes everyone on a magical journey with the help of the birthday child or adult. He has been performing for birthdays for over 10 years and definitely knows how to get your friends and family to laugh and applaud throughout the show. The birthday person will have a smile on their face the entire show and magicIAN encourages picture taking so you will have this memory with you forever.
magicIAN Corporate Magic Show
Magic Shows for Corporate Events
When you want your guests to experience a show that they will remember for the rest of their lives then book magicIAN. Whether you want a show performed for a wedding, trade show, school, corporate event, or theater he is sure to wow all in attendance. Whether you have a crowd of 5 or 5,000 people, magicIAN has a show that will fit the audience. magicIAN has a close-up show, stage show and strolling magic performance(table to table). The show has the option to be specified for your event. For example, he can unveil a new product for your company in a magical way at a trade show event or use specific animals that you would like to be performed with in the show. Please contact for availability for your event, party or theater production.
Strolling Magic for Corporate Events
magicIAN also specializes in strolling magic where he can casually walk amongst your guests performing miracles inches away from the spectators. He performs card magic, coin magic, mind reading, and magic in your hands during his strolling magic performance. magicIAN’s comedic flare and astonishing magic will delight your guests in an experience that many will talk about for the rest of their lives. Below you can see a write up in the news from public shows by Disneyland and Los Angeles that fans came to watch. More public shows will be coming soon so keep in touch on social media which is located on the bottom of the home page. See you soon!
Los Angeles, Orange County Magician
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School Magic Show
magicIAN will leave your students on the edge of their seat as he performs extraordinary magic with doves and large scale illusions. He also includes a message of striving for success with his magic that inspires the students. This is the show that magicIAN has performed in the Palace of Mystery for the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood, CA. He can also customize a show for your private event or school event to fit the message you are trying to portray. magicIAN is currently touring Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Diego Counties for elementary, high schools and colleges.
Upscale Birthday Magic Show
magicIAN will amaze, astonish and make the birthday child or adult feel very special. The birthday person has the option of participating in the show and being levitated in the air! He will also make live animals appear with fire. This show is for people planning upscale birthday parties who want the birthday to focus on the birthday and show.
Library Magic Show
magicIAN also performs for many libraries around southern California which includes much of what is in the School magic show. He can also customize this show to promote reading to kids or anything that the library would like magicIAN to focus on teaching the kids.
Comedy Magic Show
magicIAN has a sense of humor which will be shown in this act. Your audience will be rolling on the floor as the illusionist performs magic in a comical fashion which include member from the audience. However, your audience will be grabbing their jaws off the floor when you see what magicIAN does in the finale of this act.
magicIAN for weddings
magicIAN can perform amazing strolling magic for your wedding to keep your family and friends entertained during cocktail hour or before the reception. He will perform amazing card magic, coin tricks, mind reading, and magic with rings! He can also perform a show that includes the bride and groom in an astonishing feat of magic that helps to tie the knot. The bride will actually levitate in the air if you decide to have the show for your wedding! magicIAN is currently performing for weddings in the Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego county areas. If you would like to add a piece of entertainment for your wedding that is sure going to receive rave reviews from your families and friends then check out magicIAN’s availability by either calling or sending a request through the Event Requests page.
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