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MystifyingiMran is one of the best star Magicians in Singapore. At the age of 12, iMran or MystifyingiMran (Stage Name) received his first magic set as his birthday present. All along iMran has been inspired by professional magician he had seen on stage as well as on television and the birthday gift that day provided the impetus that started him on the road to magic.
This celebrity Magician has been featured on National Television, and his live performances have captivated audiences all around the country. The very first Malay magician has his own TV Programme for Suria (Singapore) entitle ‘iLusi’ and being one of Heritage Magician in Singapore.
This is by far MystifyingiMran’s most well-known sort after shows as it is the performance that has toured the region.
From Intimate Close-up Magic, all the way to large scale Grand Illusions, Mystifying Imran will take you on a roller coaster ride of magic, mystery and trills.
MystifyingiMran Magic and Illusions
Magic & iLLusion
Magic Performance
1.•Commercial / Family Shows
2.•Corporate Show
3.•illusion Show
4.•Close Up / Walkabout
1.•VIP Appearance
2.•Product Launch
3.•Magic Workshop
4.•Magical Consultant
5.•Customize illusion
Magic performance last approximately 30 minutes and are guaranteed to build magical memories that last a lifetime.
Close Up / Walkabout Magic
Don’t leave your guests waiting to be seated. Give them an experience they’ll never forget.
Let our one-man magic show work the crowd with an array of eye-catching magic illusions. It’s the perfect way to set the mood for parties of all sizes.
• Outdoors
• Bars / Pubs
• Cruise Ships
many more……
Birthday Party
Star in your own amazing magic show! Your birthday child teams up with an expert magician to perform an assortment of dazzling magic tricks that will have them talking for years to come!
•30 minutes of high-energy magic
•Comedy and magical fun for kids of all ages
• Interactive audience participation
*Balloon sculpting / Face Painting
Be sure to ask about customized packages for your special occasion.
We have captivated audiences from all walks of life. We’ve saved our biggest bag of tricks for you!
Get ready for a hilarious magical performance that will tickle your funny bone and delight your senses. If you love being part of the action you will love the audience in all of shows.
MystifyingiMran - Sand Magic
Sand Magic
Sand of the Desert is the art of creating pictures using sand as the medium.
Typically, He design series of images using sand, a process
which is achieved by applying sand to a surface and then
rendering images by drawing lines and figures in the sands
with his fingers.
Together with his magician skills, He will portrait the symbolism
of life today with his sands within his magic bowl.
He turn the water black. Colored sands are poured into the
bowl of water one at a time and mixed up.
One by one they can be removed separated by their color.
After a color is removed it can be shown instantly dry!!
After all 3 sands are removed from the bowl,
you turn the water back from black to clear.
Mystifying iMran is one of a top magicians in Singapore.
Now he is the only magician does SandArt together Magic Sand.
He captivates and entertains his audience with psychological
and physical illusion, providing amazing and memorable contemporary entertainment for any event.
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Epic Glow
Epic Glow, a cutting edge artistic show time creating pictures using light with special
glow in the dark materials as the medium. This master piece is no exception.
This idea is a new and totally cool with to create with light using special glow in the dark material. Showcased in a pitch Dark atmosphere,
This magician will bring you into another dimension of aesthetic senses.
MystifyingiMran Epic Glow
Epic Glow works only in the DARK, and the darker the venue, the brighter the artwork created on the drawing on set. When the light go out and he put his light into aesthetic senses.
Mystifying iMran will display this distinct routine thru out this show. Never leave your sight on this show, He never separate his illusions on his sets He glow in here too.
A segment which will capture the audience full attention with
Mystifying Imran’s glowing presence on stage!
Present it to you Epic Glow…!
MystifyingiMran - Glitter Painting
Glitter Painting
This performance is an adaptation and a fusion of various techniques of the years 70/80 and previous.
Imran in only a few minutes, on a large canvas, portrait of a celebrity. (Or other graphics)
The monochrome effect, the set of shadows, the Pop art style and the fact of painting with glue, allow to reveal nothing of the realized work.
It is only on final of this performance of Glitter Painting, within one second, that the painting is totally covered by glitter.
One moment later, only the stayed glitter fixed to the glue then reveals immediately the portrait or the finished graphics
Creation of portraits is by far the most impressive, but it is possible, with the process of Glitter Painting, to create every types of graphics.
“This sand artist is amazing. He showed his new art form for the first time. He dabbed here and there on a large piece of canvas with some liquid barely visible to the eyes for about 5 minutes. We guessed he was sketching a portrait of someone familiar. Then he took a canister and in one throw splashed its content on the canvas. Lo and behold, the glittering silver portrait of Lee Kuan Yew instantly appeared to loud gasps in the room. What talent!”
Mr Goh Chok Tong – Former Prime Minister of Singapore
“One of the most fabulaous art i’ve ever seen. Great job keep it up! Thank you so much”
Mr Zainal Sapari – Member of Parliment for Pasir Ris Punggol GRC
Duration :
3mins Opening Magic Manipulations.
7mins minutes per canvas

10mins Showtime

Sizes :
60 x 90 cms 110 x 175 cms
(Other sizes on demand)

Canvas :
Black / White paint

Options :
– Personalized portrait according to photo
– Making Upside Down
– Other colors of canvas and glitter possible
— Other graphics
– 2 portraits simultaneously
MystifyingiMran Street Magic
Street Painting
We will like think sometimes what life is like on other worlds. We only know of extremophiles though we truly believe. Imagine the element we seen here and unseen there merge together and see the beauty of it.
Leave the visual site to Imran (artist). He will paint the masterpiece and you will be amaze with the durations.
Extreme high impact full of aggressive in every piece.
A painting is the only way to express imaginations.
He knows better, which are the combinations suit on the piece. NO Brush, NO Roller NO templates etc.. Just SPRAY CAN. Just like magic… Seeing is believing
Impossible doesn’t exists with his magic hands. Together with the flow of music. you can feel nature in his painting too.
Let this masterpiece frame on your central working place.
It will glow years to come….
Stage Requirement: Requirement:
OverHead Camera & Projector
Out Door Stage show.
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Mystifying iMran, +65 9271 4470
MystifyingiMran is one of the best star Magicians in Singapore. At the age of 12, iMran or MystifyingiMran (Stage Name) received his first magic set as his birthday present. All along iMran has been inspired by professional magician he had seen on stage as well as on television and the birthday gift that day provided the impetus that started him on the road to magic.