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2 months ago
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Have You Ever Experience…
I understand as a parent you would want to give your kids the BEST birthday party experience. But how do we justify which is the best kids party planner.
Kids Birthday Party Singapore
Kids Birthday Party Singapore
Does “Low price” or “High price” means the best. Seriously?!
If that’s the case, then we will just simply charge you the highest price so we can be the best. Unfortunately, that’s not the case!
As a parent, we understand that you always want to look for the MOST affordable and cheapest party package. I mean who wasn’t?
As a kids party planner myself, here’s my experience and I’m going to share with you the hard TRUE so this won’t happen to your kid’s party!
“Cheap things DON’T come good”
Let me explain…
Imagine if today your boss underpaid you, will you still put in 100% in your work for your boss? Obviously 99% are not! Unless you belong to that 1%. I hope you are not…
That’s why cheapest party packages does not give you the best party experience! Because they are not putting 100% effort for your kids party.
If everything went well I glad for you, but what if, I mean what if…things went wrong because they are not putting 100% effort in the party? Can you imagine all the kids start to make noise and wanting their parents to go home ASAP. How your friends will feel about your kids party event?
I believe NO parents would want this to happen in their kid’s birthday. Don’t you agree?
Event Management

Carnival and Corporate Event management
Pixel Party not only a kids part planner company, we also provide one-stop carnival and event management services ranging from Entertainment activities to venue decoration. You name it, we have it!
Save the trouble sourcing for all items that required for your event. Let us know your concern and we will do our best to go with it as we believe we can plan a great event for you at a MOST affordable rate!
Contact us to mark your date now!
Carnival Food Stalls
Carnival food stalls rental
Wide range of carnival live food stations available at your service! Serving FRESH and DELICIOUS food to all guest by our friendly and energetic staff.
Carnival Equipment Rental
Carnival game booth rentals
To enhance the fun of your event, you must not miss out our carnival game booths! Wide range of game stalls available to suit all ages! Other carnival equipment rental available.
Event Equipment Rental
Event equipment rental
Ranging from event basic equipment such as professional sound system to special effect equipment. Creating an AWESOME event together with our professional emcee and fringe activities.

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Lower cost, Bigger surprise!
Booking various entertainment individually will cost a big sum! Not to worry about over budget anymore! Pixelparty SG came out with various promotion package that not only help to reduce cost but to maximise the fun of your party!
Birthday Decoration Package
Birthday Decoration package
Price & Package
Special Promotion: $70
Package inclusive:
14″ Happy Birthday foil balloons * 1 set (Gold/Silver)
30″ number foil balloon (Gold /Silver)
Baby Boy/girl foil balloon * 1
Pacifier foil balloon * 1
Crown foil balloon * 1
10 round balloons (Assorted)
Buyer take note
All balloons are not inflated
No helium gas needed
To be self collect
Price does not include set up and delivery (additional $50 for set up and delivery)
A top up is required for Blue and pink foil balloons

Price & Package
UP: $300
Special rate: $250 (BEST SELLING)
Choose any 2 services from the list below:
Balloon sculpting
Face painting
Game hosting
Glitter tattoo
Henna Tattoo
* come with cake hosting

Price & Package
UP: $450
Special rate: $350 (BEST SELLING)
Package come with:
30 mins Interactive kids magic show
Choose any 1 services from the list below:
Balloon sculpting
Face painting
Game hosting
Glitter tattoo
Henna Tattoo
* come with cake hosting
Capture the Moment
Balloon Party
Price & Package
UP: $420
Special rate: $320
Package come with:
2 balloon columns
6o mins Balloon sculpting
15 helium balloons
20 air-filled balloons
Cake hosting
Delivery and set up
My Lego Party
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